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Sam Kidd


I have been very pleased with the service that Shear Relief has provided to me over the past few years. Brian can be counted on not only to make out a schedule months in advance, but to hold true to the date and time he schedules. When he and his team arrive at your property it is professionalism at its best. They are respectful of you, your property, and your animals. 

In addition, Brian trains his employees so they can care properly for your animals. 

I highly recommend Shear Relief.


Grizzly’s Ranch, KS

Testimonial for Shear Relief LLC

 From Raptors Roost in New Harmony Utah January 2024 

We have been with Brian for many years. He has always been reliable, treats the camelids with patience and kindness. His crew are skilled shearers and are very efficient, gentle, and professional with removing fleece and keeping the animals on the ground for a minimum amount of time, after we had shearers who were impatient and rough with the alpacas, we felt very lucky to find Brian. Brian and his crew get the work done very quickly with no resulting problems. They come prepared to use their own electricity and water, if necessary. Around the second year of doing business with Brian, some of his crew left with no forewarning, seeking work for example with the US Forest Service. Brian contacted other shearers and got a crew to us on schedule. There are not many camelid farms in our area and we thought we were really in trouble. However, as I said in the top sentence, he has always been reliable. We highly recommend Brian Gnizak and his company, Shear Relief, LLC. 

David & Kerry Webb

Letter of Recommendation for Brian Gnizak, Shear Relief LLC
January 2016

Brian and his team have sheared our herd for the past two years.  We are
looking forward to having him back again to shear this year and many more.
When initially employing Brian we wanted to make sure there was enough
work in our area to warrant his coming here.  We contacted many other area
breeders who have since used Shear Relief and been very pleased.

Brian and his team treat our alpacas with kindness, respect and
efficiency.  We are pleased with the quality of the shearing, so that our
fleeces are highly marketable and also process into beautiful yarns and
fiber materials.  Our alpacas look great and their fiber grows out evenly
through the next year.

They bring the alpacas to the mats, trim toe nails and teeth if requested,
and give shots if requested.  These are additional benefits that free us
up for more administrative tasks.

I have found Brian to be very accommodating to our many and varied
requests.  We greatly value his team’s cheerful demeanor throughout a long
and busy day.

We are happy.  Our alpacas are happy.  Our clients are happy.

Can we recommend Shear Relief?  Yes!

Kindest regards,
Jennifer Ely
Sage Bluff Alpacas

John and Jennifer Ely
Sage Bluff Alpacas
PO Box 1302
Prosser, WA 99350
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