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We offer a stress free shearing experience.

We offering complementary teeth trimming.

We have worked with professional fiber sorters and will collect your fiber per your request.

We can do all animal handling and can also help you bring them to the shearing stations during shearing.

When our 3 man crew arrives at your farm our top priority is your animals safety and well being. We will review with you the best location to shear your animals as a part of the first step to help reduce the stress on your animal(s).

Next we recommend that they be led from the small catch pen by someone who works with them frequently. This will give them something familiar as we begin the process of getting to know you and your animals.
Then we will begin the shearing process. At this time we will work to handle them in a manner that is safe for them and our crew.

We can offer a variety of services including show cuts (stove pipe legs, tear drop tail, and rounded top knot), wellness check (review body composition and wellness), dental check (front teeth length, bite alignment, assessing need for tooth trimming, check for fighting teeth), removal of fighting teeth, trimming of front teeth, toe nail trimming, and customized fiber collection. Additional services and options are available upon request.

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